Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Going for a walk, send a search party if I'm not back soon!!

See that dog on the right... running to "greet me"...

February 13th, 2012.

Did you know that EVERYONE (well, nearly everyone) who visits this area does so for it’s “walks”? It’s true. Apparently walking is a VERY big thing in this country. There are “Public Footpaths” and walking trails EVERYWHERE!
Looks like a dream home to me!

So I figured, I’m already here, might as well try. Literally outside my door is the start of one such walks. From the Cartmel Racecourse “Car Park” (parking lot in “North American”) to Cark (near by town) is the walk I choose.

I began my walk by passing through a gate at the far end of the car park. After walking a short distance down a wet and muddy road through a field I was attacked by a couple of equally wet and muddy (but much more adorable) dogs.
The little stream that provided some music
on my walk.

Part way though the field I came across my sister’s future home if I ever bring her by this area (an abandoned farm but it looked pretty sweet to me, a fixer upper but nothing I wouldn’t be able to handle!).

Then next portion of the walk took me through a beautiful wooded area. There was a small river or stream somewhere beside me, some other walkers and some cyclists too.

When I broke through the trees I was at the back of fields full of sheep. A few more gates and after passing behind someone’s home / farm, I went through another gate and was actually IN with the sheep this time!

They're in my way...

A little further along and through another gate and I was in Cark! Because the sun was setting, I decided to go back the way I came and thus ended my walk!

What did I learn from this walk?
-Buy better boots, my shoes ended up soaked and my socks muddy...
-Gates are meant to be gone through (I got stuck at the first one because I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to go through it or not
-On that note, always close a gate behind you! There were sheep in that one field, remember!
-NEVER forget your camera :D

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