Thursday, 29 March 2012

Let's play catch-up!

In case  you didn’t notice.... I kinda suck at this whole keeping-a-blog thing.

Well ok, that might be a bit of a stretch.... It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s just that I don’t ever have sufficient adventures to write about! Since I last did a post (about work), all I’ve done is WORK! So I covered that already!

A little lie there, I did travel to a few places... so I’m going to do a few posts that will bring you up to speed!
Some little lamb-ies a few weeks ago... spring has sprung in Cartmel!!

But first... here's where we're at as of March 29th, 2012:
I did some number crunching when I went home in January (a post about that to come) and I realized that I really can’t afford to stay here :( It’s almost costing more to be here than I’m making. Paying for rent, crazy high cost of living and needing to send money home so I can pay the minimum payments on my student debt means that I can’t stay the full year I’d intended. So I got a job back home and put in my notice here (in that order because, honestly, I wouldn’t leave a for-sure pay check if I wasn’t sure I’d have another to go home to).

I will do my last shift this coming Sunday (April the 1st!) and then (hopefully) before headed to Canada (on the 19th), I’ll get some traveling in.

I DID do a little (very, VERY little) bit of travel in the last (almost) five months since my last post, so I’ll write those up to get you set for the new adventures.

So here come a couple posts for you!!!

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